New Wi-Fi Cellphone Set To Take Over The Internet

New Wi-Fi Cellphone Set To Take Over The Internet Video Clips. Duration : 2.00 Mins.

Our quickest best-selling Phone ever. [ www.chinavasion.com ] Who would like this? * Business men and women or travelers * Trend seeking gadget geeks * Teenagers or anyone who spends a lot of time on their cellphones, and with the wi-fi, chat and talking can be free! What eBay title can I use? Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen What eBay keywords can I use? WiFi, Wi-fi, wireless lan, internet, web, net café, Starbucks electronics, gadgets, GSM, quad band, dual SIM, multimedia, cellphone, cell phone, mobile phone, cellular phone, world phone, Cell Phones & PDAs, Smartphones, PDAs & PocketPCs, cell-phones, unlocked, new never opened, without contract, prepaid, bluetooth, color screen, email access, e-mail or internet browsing, phone cards & SIM cards If youre only going to buy one awesome smart phone this year, it should be The Odyssey - WiFi Quadband Dual-SIM Cellphone w/ 3 Inch Touchscreen! Built with every conceivable feature youd need from a mobile phone, this beauty is a beast of a communication device. Besides being able to connect to the internet via WAP connectivity you can also connect through wifi so that you can surf for FREE if you're near a wireless connection or hotspot (ie Starbucks or other net café). Pre-installed with the Opera mini browser and eBuddy multi-chat platform, you can check gmail, ymail, or plain old email, MSN, Yahoo IM, AIM IM, ICQ, GTalk, Facebook and MySpace IM with your friends, Tweet on Twitter, and basically ...

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